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Joseph Anthony

My name is Joseph Anthony Porazinski and I was born and raised in northern Massachusetts in 1997. Before I moved to Florida where I currently reside in the Tampa Bay area I lived in New Hampshire for 14 years. When I moved to Florida I started shooting real estate and also obtained my real estate license. I am currently an active agent  under a brokerage in Sarasota, FL. Using Canon gear including a 5D Mark IV full frame DSLR I am able to capture stunning real estate and staged photos to showcase your listings in the best attainable light.


I have always loved taking photos since a young age. I started out simply using an iPhone and then I acquired my first DSLR camera at the age of 17. It was a crop sensor Canon 70D with an 18-135mm kit lens that my father bought for me as a gift. Once I acquired that camera the rest was history. Growing up in New England gave me a love for landscape and nature photography with many breathtaking views up in the White Mountain National Forest along with neighboring states such as Maine and Vermont. Autumn in New England is my favorite time of year and I always make sure to visit during the months of September & October to capture photos of the amazing foliage and landscape the northeast states have to offer. Nothing beats hiking during peak New England foliage! I have a very attentive eye for detail along with editing skills in Lightroom and Photoshop which is why I decided to start photographing real estate and interior design. Having control of composition and lighting down to the very small details is why I love it! 

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