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  The term used for the way I photograph and edit my real estate photography is called flash/ambient blending aka Flambient. In my opinion this method gives an overall better natural look without the saturated yellow and orange hues that are commonly associated with HDR. Using an external flash helps expose the real colors within a room or space. The first photograph I take consists of all the natural ambient light entering through a window(s) and any lights that are turned on within the given room. This shot is used for the natural luminosity within the room only. The second photograph I take is a flash shot to expose for the correct colors within the room which consists of the ceiling, walls, wood furniture, wood and tile floors, ect. Lastly, if needed, I also take a flash shot that is exposed for the outside view by overexposing the wall, window frame, and/or curtains surrounding the window view. This is known as a window pull. Each and every photograph stays in the same exact position on a sturdy tripod to capture the sharpest image(s). When all of these shots are taken I then blend them together in photoshop and finally edit and retouch them in Lightroom before the final delivery via Dropbox link.Take a look at this process below...

1.)Ambient Shot


2.)Flash Shot


3.)Window Pull


4.) Final Image

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