Residential Real Estate

0-1000 square feet: $100

1000- 1500 square feet: $125

1500-2000 square feet: $150

2000-2500 square feet: $175

2500-3000 square feet: $200

3000-3500 square feet: $225

3500-4000 square feet: $250

4000-4500 square feet: $275

4500-5000 square feet: $300

Please see additional info at the bottom of the page.


Twilight Photography

3-5 Exterior Twilight Photos 
Add-on: $75
Stand Alone: $125

Quadcopter Drone

Aerial Drone Photography

Coming Soon! 

3-5 Aerial Drone Photos


Add-On: $50

Stand Alone: $75


2D Floor Plans

Labeled Floor Plan w/ or w/o Dimensions & Personal Logo: $100

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Additional Info

  • Because we charge by square footage there is not set amount of photos taken for our residential packages. We take as many as needed to showcase your listing thoroughly.

  • If paying via PayPal or Venmo we charge a small transaction fee of 3% of the total cost.

  • First time shoots for new referred agents are 50% off. Spread the word!

  • Photographs of Amenities are always included at no extra charge.

  • We deliver two folders of your finished edited photos via Dropbox. The first folder of photos is resized to abide by Stellar MLS Guidelines (3000 x 2000 megapixels) to keep the photos under 5 megabytes and completely avoid any uploading issues. The second folder contains full size high resolution JPEGs if you wish to use for high quality prints. Every photo is edited and retouched in house by me personally.

  • We have a 24 turn around time.