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Interior Checklist

Lights: Turn on all interior lights prior to photoshoot and replace any burnt out bulbs

Cables/Cords: Hide cables and cords as best as possible

House Plants: Don’t have too many. Get rid of any sickly or dying plants. Larger plants should be treated like furniture, they can take up too much space

Kitchen Counter Tops: All but a few appliances should be removed. Having a couple high end appliances in a large kitchen is typically ok

Book Shelves: Clean them up. Having neatly organized books on the shelf looks great. Junk filling the shelf does NOT look good.

Throw Rugs: It is best to remove all throw rugs to showcase that beautiful tile and wood flooring.

Bathrooms: Toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, soap, toilet paper, candles, hand towels, scented night lights, throw rugs, etc. should all be removed.

Bedrooms: All beds should be made nice and neat and any items put away.

Trashcans: Trashcans can be a distraction so it is best to hide the in the closet or garage.

Entryways: Clear entryways of all shoes, umbrellas, and any other similar items.

Turn OFF Ceiling Fans: Before I arrive please make sure to turn off all ceiling fans.

Open Blinds With View: Make sure blinds are open on windows with nice views to showcase them in the best light.



Exterior Checklist

Clear Cars: Make sure there are no cars in the driveway. If possible move them down the street so as to get the clearest view of the property as possible

Trashcans: Hide trashcans on the side of the property or in the garage

Hide Hoses: Remove hoses the day before the photoshoot to avoid puddling and water marks on the driveway and or pavement

Yard Prep: Do yard prep 24 hours before the photoshoot. Yard should be mowed and any toys or items should be picked up and out of sight

Turn OFF Sprinklers: Turn off all sprinklers to prevent puddles from forming on pavement and the driveway

Pick up Poop: If you have a dog make sure all droppings are cleared from the yard

Remove For Sale Sign: The for sale should be removed from the property (if possible). Visible signs violate MLS rules and they cannot always be edited out

Prep Water Features: If there are any fountains, waterfalls, etc. please clean them and turn them on for the photoshoot

Clean Patio Furniture: Dust, remove cob webs, and wipe down outside furniture. Do NOT hose down furniture the day of the photoshoot to avoid puddles

Prep Pool and Hot Tub: Please have pools and hot tubs clean and uncovered.



Twilight Checklist


If you have scheduled a twilight shoot here a few extras to be aware of. Note that twilight shoots are tightly scheduled to ensure optimal lighting. Please make sure everything is ready before my arrival.

Turn on ALL interior and exterior lights: All lights throughout the property need to be turned on inside and out.

Turn on pool lights: If you have a pool turn on the pool lights before I arrive.

Turn on water features: If there are any waterfalls, fountains, or similar water features turn them on before my arrival.

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